​​​At Funicular Group, we make the recruiting and hiring process as simple for you as possible.  We have the network, drive, experience and knowledge to find those candidates who match your requirements and exceed your expectations.  

A company's success depends upon hiring and retaining the right people.  The ability to attract talented, driven employees who fit well into the culture of an organization often doesn't come easily- and that's where we come in.

Our client list includes cutting-edge pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations from small to large in size.  Whether you are looking for a VP of Regulatory Affairs, a Medical Director, or Chief Compliance Officer- we've got you covered.  

We Learn about your company, your values, your culture, your process and your hiring needs through an initial phone call or meeting with the hiring manager.  This discussion helps us to target professionals who best fit your needs, and who will be successful within your organization long-term.  


PHONE:  919-964-3910



We Screen thoroughly all possible candidates prior to submitting them to you for consideration.  During this screening process, we look for a match based on skills, experience, and personality fit within your organization.  We only submit candidates who appear to be a great fit overall. 

We Search for candidates who fit your profile, based upon our initial discussion.  We search social media sites and a robust database, and we network with other professionals in order to target those candidates who have the right skills and  are motivated to make a move to your company.

We facilitate any interviews with the candidate as requested by you.  Once a hiring decision is made, we extend the offer to that candidate and communicate their decision to you.  We keep the lines of communication open with candidates to ensure any issues are addressed immediately.

Examples of Completed Search Assignments

  • Associate Director, Quality Assurance- GCP (pharma)
  • Vice President, Regulatory Affairs (pharma)
  • President of Global Contracting Services (IRB)
  • Associate Director, Quality Assurance- GMP Systems (pharma)
  • Senior Director, Commercial Regulatory Affairs (pharma)
  • Senior Project Manager (CRO)
  • Senior Project Data Manager (CRO)
  • Associate Scientist, Analytical Development (pharma)
  • ​Associate Director, Regulatory Operations (pharma)